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About Norma

I am the mother of Norma, who announced her arrival in this world 3 months early.

I dreamed of a big, healthy and healthy child, and to be able to dress her in some delicious, sweet and personal clothes, thereby creating a more homely environment. To avoid being reminded of how fragile she was when she was tiny in her clothes that were too big.

From this, my beautiful daughter and grandmother came to name my little children's universe with clothes for even the very smallest.

We welcome you to Norma Denmark – a universe with only the best for the premature child, siblings and parents. All our products are produced with love and care - and here in Denmark. This means that we always have some completely unique items in the shop, which are only produced in a maximum of 100 pieces.

Our work


Norma is Danish designed children's clothing with whimsical prints and details in sizes 38-152. Norma's hand-knitted eco-tex line in 100% milk fiber has been specially developed for premature babies. The ultra-soft milk yarn is gentle and caring for the delicate and fine skin.

We never compromise on quality or design, and we take pride in being able to deliver unique goods that are produced here in Denmark.

Thank you for visiting Norma. I look forward to welcoming you as a customer.

Many greetings

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– Norma's mother